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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum for Wholesale orders?
Are all signs sold unpainted? Yes, All signs will be sold unfinished/unpainted. 
We host weekly painting tutorial videos on Facebook  full of tips and tricks to painting your signs! Be sure to check us out! 
What is your average shipping time? We try to ship all orders within two weeks. Please be sure to add in the notes on your order if you would like your order by a certain date. We always try to accommodate. 
What designs can I purchase wholesale or in bulk? All of our door hanger designs can be purchased wholesale/unfinished.  
Is Tax ID is required to order wholesale or in bulk? No. However, if you do not have a tax ID number you will be charged taxes. 
What is the price range for wholesale/unfinished signs? Solid designs are $8.00 regardless of quantity. All other designs range in price from $10.00-$15.50 depending upon quantity and design. Our shapes and charm add-ons vary in price depending upon quantity. They will range from $1.00-$5.00 each. 
Turn around time for wholesale/unfinished orders? On average We need 5 business days to process a wholesale/unfinished order plus shipping time. Turn around time will be longer if you order more than 50 signs at a time or if your order is placed close to a holiday. 
How do I Order with my Tax ID number so that I will not be charged taxes?  If you would like to purchase wholesale with a Tax ID number simply message us your name, business name, and Tax ID number. As soon as we have received this we will take your order. Tax ID numbers can be sent to Cell 870-834-2315, or by email (see contact us tab to send email). 
Can I choose multiple designs for my wholesale order? You can choose as many designs as you would like at no extra charge when ordering wholesale or bulk order. 
Can custom monograms be added to each design? You can add custom monograms to each sign at no extra charge. 
What is considered a Solid Design? A solid wholesale design is any simple shape such as a circle, square, diamond, rectangle, solid pumpkin, etc.. 
What if I want to order a solid design with an attached nameplate like the baby door hanger designs have? A solid design with an attached nameplate will fall under the $12.50 price. It is not considered a solid. 
Can I have my wholesale signs painted? Whippoorwill Charm orders come unfinished and unpainted. If you want to purchase painted signs in bulk please contact us. 



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