Ready to Monetize Your Creative Business?

Grow. Grow. Goal. 

Whippoorwill Charm's Mentor Membership

What You Get

First and foremost we want to help you grow your business.


We want to teach you how to be successful. 


We have seen people come into our wholesale group and grow into these amazing profitable companies and we have experienced this ourselves. 

Our customers have experienced this.  This group is not just for laser owners although we have a heart for the laser community.  This is for anyone that wants to rock their business.  We are going to focus on the laser as a tool to grow your business but here are other things to expect from this group:
- Business processes and training 
- Getting started
- Upkeep tips on your lasers.
- Troubleshooting for your laser when applicable. 
- Laser hacks to keep your laser running at its highest capacity.
- Community of fellow women focused entrepreneurs to engage, network, and support one another. 


We have not hashed out all the details of how to post questions etc. yet
We are just going to get it started and see how many questions come in every week.


If it gets to be confusing going by post, then we will start a thread each week. Just stick with us this first month as we figure out the most strategic way to get everyone’s questions answered and make this group the best it can be for you all!

Thanks for joining me on this new journey! 

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