My name is Kimberly Shetron and I own Whippoorwill Charm.

Over the past six years I have built a million-dollar company from a she shed in my back yard to a 5,000 square foot facility with over a dozen lasers running daily. My business is located in Northeast Arkansas and we ship all across the United States.

My goal for this business is to provide quality products and services with fair prices.

I sell unfinished doorhangers, tier tray designs, and other home décor pieces to small business owners across the United States.


All that is needed to purchase wholesale is a Tax ID #.


You can visit our wholesale site and fill our the form to join by clicking HERE.

In addition to wholesale, I offer a variety of in store and online products to the public. These vary from ready to display home décor pieces, doorhangers, seasonal décor, t-shirts, and more. There is no telling what you will find in our store on any given day! 😊

You can shop our public products online HERE

I also recently opened up the first service-based section of Whippoorwill Charm called The Profitable Laser. This group includes tutorials, information, Q&A, and even inspiration and encouragement to small business owners across the United States trying to profit from their laser business.


To learn more about this member ship group click HERE.


Thank you Kim.... Last year....thanks to you and Whippoorwill Charm, I had the best year I ever had.....then comes covid19 and here we are!! I am so glad i have stayed with my business. 

- Cora, Wholesale Vendor with Whippoorwill Charm